The Perks and Downsides of Using Renewable Energy

A lot of talks is happening with regards to the topic of shifting towards the usage of renewable energy. As someone who has been used to nonrenewable sources, this might be one of the biggest decisions that you will be making.

In order to shed light, we have combined the perks and downsides of using renewable energy to help you organize your thoughts, weigh your options, and come up with a logical decision.


The first thing that makes renewable energy very attractive is the fact that its sources do not perish and on top of it, being free to use. Supply of nonrenewable resources would look like there’s more where it came from but that’s not really the case. It is called nonrenewable because it is unlikely for it to produce more once it has been used. Sooner or later, it will all be consumed and there’s nothing left for us to use but the alternative sources of energy.

Another thing that makes using renewable energy great is its low carbon emissions. This means that it produces fewer greenhouse gases, one which affects biosphere and causes the greenhouse effect, and is, therefore, safer to use for the environment as compared to the use of petroleum, coal, and other sources which emits high-carbon economy.

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Furthermore, it costs less if compared to consuming the local electrical supply. Again, this supply is non-renewable and is dependent on the price of crude oil. Once the world market sees that their supply is getting smaller and smaller by the day, they will jack up the price and in return will lead to soaring electrical bills.

Lastly, there are government policies which allow various tax incentives for people who are deciding to go green. This means that you will pay lesser taxes and that will equal to more savings for you.


Even though we have stated how one could save by choosing to have an alternative source of energy, you will still need to invest a somewhat large amount of money in order to have it installed. Although you don’t have to worry because this expense will only occur during the initial phase, after that, it will be saved after savings.

Energy sources like solar and wind can only be used on specific hours and places. Since a solar panel requires the heat of the sun to generate electricity, it can’t be used during the night and while it is raining. On the other hand, wind energy cannot be generated unless you have strong winds so you will have to find a place that would be suitable for it.

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And most of all, the changes that will be brought about by choosing renewable sources of energy could greatly affect the natural flow of wildlife if not planned carefully. Animals only have their instincts to trust and if we disturb it, they might not know what to do in order to survive anymore.

In every decision you make, the existence of its advantages and disadvantages must be made known. A sound decision should have undergone weighing of all the good and the bad. If you feel like there are more things that you need to know about renewable sources of energy, feel free to contact any servicing firms to guide you in making the right call.

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